Home Tech Apple iPhone 15 Pro with vapor-chamber mod achieves significantly better

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with vapor-chamber mod achieves significantly better

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with vapor-chamber mod achieves significantly better

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro could be much faster with a stronger cooling system. (Image: @Tech_Reve) The Apple A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro throttles very quickly to avoid overheating. A modder has now upgraded the iPhone 15 Pro with vapor-chamber cooling to demonstrate how much faster Apple’s flagship could be if the cooling can keep up with the SoC.

A modder from China has succeeded in upgrading an Apple iPhone 15 Pro with a vapor chamber. The result may not look pretty, but it still shows how much performance Apple loses due to the weak cooling system.

The Apple A17 Pro usually only runs Genshin Impact at an average of 51.2 frames per second in a 60-minute gaming test. Thanks to the improved cooling, the flagship comes much closer to the target of 60 fps. At the same time, the temperature of the case drops by around 10%. 

The iPhone 15 Pro also throttles a little with the vapor chamber, as the 3DMark Solar Bay Raytracing benchmark shows, but performance values under continuous load are a remarkable 17.5% better. Due to the small lead at the beginning of the benchmark run, the overall rating of the model with the improved cooling system is at least 14% ahead of the regular iPhone 15 Pro.

The vapor chamber cooling is also noticeable in shorter benchmarks, as the overall score in AnTuTu v10 rises by 9.2% to 1,668,843 points, mainly due to a better GPU result. In view of the fact that this is merely an enhanced, but still passive cooling system, these results are quite convincing.

Apple is aware of the problem. On the one hand, the company has already released an update that should at least partially solve the overheating problems. On the other hand, rumors are already circulating that the iPhone 16 Pro will receive a new heat sink made of graphene, which can dissipate the waste heat of the Apple A18 Pro more effectively and thus improve performance under continuous load.

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