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Hong Kong sticks a fork in disposable plastic products

Hong Kong sticks a fork in disposable plastic products

Hong Kong’s legislature on Wednesday passed a bill banning eating areas from providing plastic utensils beginning on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

Want a plastic fork at a Hong Kong restaurant? Come April 22, Earth Day, clients will deserve to launch reaching for extra eco-friendly cutlery, in step with a bill passed Wednesday by the metropolis’s legislature.

Plastic smash is the finance hub’s second-excellent source of municipal solid smash, with the moderate quantity disposed a day totaling 2,331 metric plenty in 2021—a weight equal to almost 70 grownup humpback whales.

The metropolis on Wednesday passed amendments to a “Product Eco-Accountability Bill”, imposing a blanket ban on the sale and provision of a bunch of plastic products—with the first share taking cease on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

That means in 28,000 eateries across the metropolis, “expanded polystyrene (EPS) tableware and diversified disposable plastic tableware which would possibly perhaps also very properly be diminutive in size and refined to recycle” would possibly perhaps be prohibited for dine-in and takeaway services and products, stated a authorities announcement.

Serving up soup in a plastic container would possibly perhaps be a no-no, even supposing the use of it for rob-out is aloof allowed—till share two kicks in.

The authorities stated share two’s launch would “rely on the provision and affordability of the relevant non-plastic or reusable that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe perhaps be in a remark to ponder of selections”.

Freebies in Hong Kong’s accommodations and airlines will also request very diversified—plastic bottles of water or toiletries love plastic-handled toothbrushes, to boot to disposable ear plugs, will also be banned.

Retail outlets promoting glow sticks, birthday party hats, cake toppers and cotton buds will also be taking a hit.

Any violations would possibly perhaps maybe perhaps perhaps also lead to an attractive of between HK$2,000 to HK$100,000 ($250 to $12,800).

At some level of the session, legislator Peter Koon fretted over the anxiety removing these plastic items would reason to boot to the extra prices for native residents and vacationers.

“I had the abilities of shopping for takeaway hot soup from a store that had adopted paper containers, but when I purchased dwelling, the container had broken and the soup had bustle out,” Koon stated.

“In a society where Chinese language cuisine is predominant, I motivate authorities to be extra careful or it will steer to the reverse of what we determine.”

The right work of the bill will launch post-passage, stated legislator Michael Tien.

“Easy how one can introduce the assorted selections to the public, how to toughen the industries—this would maybe perhaps be a extraordinarily heavy and essential accountability for the (Atmosphere and Ecology) Bureau.”

Welcoming the news, Greenpeace campaigner Leanne Tam stated Hong Kong has been discussing this venture for “a pair of decade”.

“Hong Kong is now catching up with diversified cities within the draw by the utilization of reducing plastic smash.”

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