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You’re Nearly Out of Time to Save Your Old Minecraft Account

You’re Nearly Out of Time to Save Your Old Minecraft Account

Mojang / Microsoft
Minecraft used to have special Minecraft.net and Mojang accounts for purchases and online play, but starting in 2020, Mojang migrated them to Microsoft accounts. In a few months, the migration period is ending, and all remaining old accounts will be gone forever.

Mojang has published a blog post explaining that September 19, 2023 at 11 AM Eastern Time will be the final cut-off for legacy Mojang accounts. After that point, they won’t work for logging into Minecraft.net or the Minecraft Launcher. Two weeks before that, on September 5, Mojang’s customer support won’t be able to help migrate accounts.

The blog post states, “We’re doing this to ensure that everyone is playing using accounts with improved security and player safety. The migration process only takes a couple of minutes and all of your data, including your username, progress, creations, and skins will still be there.” There’s also an FAQ page with more information. When you migrate your account, Mojang will give you a special in-game cape.

Moving legacy accounts to Microsoft accounts has been a multi-year effort. The mobile and “Bedrock” versions of Minecraft have only supported Microsoft accounts for years, with the original Java Edition being the last remaining holdout. It has been almost two years since the Java Edition started switching, though, with plenty of warnings in the launcher and emails sent to account holders.

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