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Steam’s Desktop Client Just Got a Big Update (In Beta)

Steam’s Desktop Client Just Got a Big Update (In Beta)

Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek
Steam is everyone’s favorite game storefront. And soon, it’s going to be looking way slicker, thanks to some big interface (and backend) changes in its desktop client. They’re coming soon to a gaming PC near you.

Steam’s newest beta update brings the same great games it has always had, but now, it’s looking way better. The most immediately noticeable change can be seen in a number of dialogs and UI elements, where you might notice new fonts and new colors, making the client look a lot fresher despite keeping its UX mostly identical. Steam says that there are also wide-reaching backend changes — more specifically in how code is shared between the Steam client, the Steam Deck, and Big Picture mode.

A more noticeable change can be seen when you access the In-Game Overlay. The menu is now way more useful, allowing for more functionality and customizability. And it’s also getting other additions as well. There’s a new toolbar that lets you access everything you might need in-game, there’s a new game overview panel that keeps you in the loop with a game and how you’re doing in it, and there’s a notes app that lets you add, and pin, any notes you might want to jot down and look at while you’re playing a game.

There’s a lot to this update, and we definitely recommend you check out the full changelog to know more. It’s a beta update at the moment, so most users won’t get to try it out right now, but it should roll out to the stable version soon enough.

Want to try it out? Valve has instructions for joining the Steam beta.

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