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You Can Now Link Your iPhone to Your Windows 11 PC

You Can Now Link Your iPhone to Your Windows 11 PC

Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek
Microsoft’s Phone Link has been around for a while now, but iPhone owners were left out of the fun. Now, though, if you have an iPhone and a Windows PC, you can now have them work with each other seamlessly.

Phone Link now officially supports iOS in addition to Android, following an initial announcement in February. This means that you can now link your phone to Windows 11 and have it show your messages, calls, notifications, and contacts, right from your computer. This means that if you tuck away your phone, or set it down to charge, you can still keep up with what’s happening around you. For now, it’s a staged rollout — some users might begin seeing it today, but it should land for everyone by mid-May.

Microsoft does clarify that iOS support is a bit more limited than Android support. For one, messaging is limited — you can only send text messages, and you can’t send photos or videos, nor take part in group conversations. This is a limitation on Apple’s end, though. For full integration with your iPhone, you’ll likely need a Mac. But it’s still something, and if you happen to own both an iPhone and a Windows computer or laptop, seeing them work together is still great advancement.

Keep an eye out for this capability to roll out to your computer. You’ll need iOS 14 or higher on your iPhone for the feature to work.

Source: Microsoft

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