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What Is Quordle? How to Play the Wordle Clone

What Is Quordle? How to Play the Wordle Clone

Quordle challenges you to solve four words at once instead of one. You start with nine tries and can only guess one word at a time. You can play it on Merriam-Webster’s Quordle website.

Quordle is yet another Wordle clone, however, it’s one that has a bit more depth than the original Wordle. You’ll need to multitask to successfully solve this daily puzzle. Thankfully, the game is pretty easy to learn despite being hard to master.

Quordle is the same as Wordle—but multiplied by four. The “Quo” part refers to “Quad”, which is a Latin prefix that means “four”. Apart from that, the layout is the same as Wordle.

You can play Quordle today by checking it out on Merriam-Webster’s official Quorble page.

How Do You Play Quordle?
The aim of the game is to find four secret words at once. You have limited tries to guess them all, so you need to be more careful with the words you input than you would be when playing Wordle. Also, you only get one play per day—just like Wordle.

You still get the same color coding to help you out. Green letters are those that are in the correct position, yellow letters are those that are in the word but not in the right spot, and grayed-out letters are those that are not in the word at all.

Suggested Words for Early Tries
Vowels are important: use a word with as many of them as possible on your first tries. Here are some suggestions for vowel-filled five-letter words:


There are also some consonants that are used more often than others. Letters such as “R”, “S”, and “T” are among these. Here are some suggestions for five-letter words that contain these letters:


Try Getting the First Letter of Each Word
Your brain considers the first part of each word more heavily that the rest of it. As such, if you guess the first letters of each of the four secret words, you’ll have an easier time inputting better words to try.

Use the green and yellow letters to figure this out. Once you do, the following guesses will be closer to the correct words.

Pay Attention to All Four Words
Balance your guesses between all four words; don’t just focus on one at a time. Focusing only on one word at a time may help you find one of the secret words, but this will leave you with fewer tries for the rest. You don’t want to get stuck with one try left for a word for which you’ve guessed none of the right letters.

Quordle Answers
In terms of structure, English words all follow a similar pattern. This, combined with the fact that all Quordle secret words are five letters long narrows down what they can be.

Most of the time, there will be vowels between consonants—or at the beginning of words. Use this to predict what the secret words will be.

There are online resources that list many five-letter English words. Once you know the first letter of a secret word, search for them in such a list to get some ideas for future tries. Even if you’re a skilled linguist, having a handy list can make things easier without feeling like you’re cheating.

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